The site you are navigating is personal. All of its pages and contents are in Arabic language. It is about Hail region. A historical one located at north of the Arabian Peninsula, its history, archaeological & resorts sites, nature, people, events, culture, heritage, poetry, health, sport and many more ..

The site is named after an old governmental palace called ( BARZAN ) .. A full of events palace established by Al-Ali family during their rule on Hail region many decades ago ( up to year 1835 ) then completed by their successors ( Al-Rasheed family ) to be later on the main residential & governmental office for Al-Rasheed rulers till their Emirate had collapsed on September 1921.

The name of the palace ( BARZAN ) in Arabic locally means "Distinct" and was derived from its location when it was built nearly two centuries ago on a higher plain land outside Hail city ( the regional main Capital ). But in 1961, the most significant site in Hail region of Barzan main corners were demolished except two of its six castles. Their location was allocated as parking lot for its great Mosque and an old traditional shopping center which both had become at the heart of Hail City many decades ago and still carrying the same name ( Barzan ).